Saturday, January 26, 2008

Derriere Diary


I have to admit, I have a little crush on the newest toy in my collection.

He’s been flirting with me all week but I had not given in to his advances. Until today.

He had been calling to me from inside the leather case, inside the drawer of my dresser where I keep some playthings to entertain myself. I deliberately stow these toys away in a drawer that I will go into daily so that I can see what is in store for me should I be so inclined to submit.

I said I wasn’t going to get into it for personal satisfaction. I said I would reluctantly work on it but would not promise pleasure from this act of discipline. I declared my stand, my behind is hard to tame.

I have been avoiding this lavender toy that has been calling my name daily over the past week. Ever since you put me in training again, ever since you said you wanted me to spend some time focusing on my anal expansion. You are not fooling me, I know all this is for your continued access, forcing me to ready myself for you. You are doing a good job of it, this new toy is your clever co-conspirator, much more in love with you than with me for you picked him out of the hundreds of others and fit him nicely in the palm of my hand and now he is grateful for the opportunity to romance me at your behest. He may become my lover but it is you who has his loyalty.

All week long this rippled toy reminded me that my first week is running out, every day I remembered that if I do not act soon I will fail before I even start.

There is an expectation that I will meet this request laid out by you, and I am reliable, if nothing else. Tuesday passed fast and Wednesday was a blur and Thursday came and went as well. On Friday I was too tired to concentrate by the time I got home and Saturday was foiled by an unexpected invitation to meet for late night drinks spoiling my anticipated solitary seduction.

But then on Sunday morning I woke thinking of you.Rolling around in the big bed knowing that were you to be lying with me my mouth might be stuffed with your cock by now and my hands would certainly be securely tied with rope. There was a sexy scent in the air that lured me to the second drawer of my dresser and without spending any time agonizing over choices I pulled the purple rippled plug from its comfortable case and brought it like a new friend to my entranceway.

I lathered the tool up with thick clear lubricant and played gently with the idea pressing it lightly against my rosette, pretending to probe. Nipples hardened and clit pouting. I dove in with one, then two and finally three waves. I would not go any further, not today, not yet, it is too soon to be fully vulnerable. And despite the discomfort of my behind my pussy was dripping sweet syrup and I could not stop my fingers from rubbing, not so gently on this first time out. My left hand tapped on the flat end of the plug so that the ripples vibrated inside my body and rushed my orgasm before I had a chance to stop it….